Fellow readers!
I want to introduce you to one of my favorite bands ever.
Jorge Zambra is the master mind behind this musical odissey called "Last", he writes, composes, plays and sings the songs! (Yeah... pretty f*kin amazing!)
I've known his music for some years already since he is also from Mérida (my hometown) and he just recently launched new material totally worth the listen! 
Check out more on :www.myspace.com/musiclast
Enjoy and if you like recomend !!
Hola queridísimos lectores!
Quiero aprovechar para presentarles una banda ALUCINANTE que definitivamente es de mis favoritas.
Jorge Zambra es la mente maestra detrás de esta odisea rockera llamada "Last" el escribe, compone, toca y canta todas las canciones (osea chingoneria a la millonesima potencia.)
Yo conozco su música desde hace algunos años pues el también es de Mérida (la ciudad en donde vivo) y acaba de sacar nuevo material! Échenle una escuchada, les aseguro que van a quedar fascinados! 
Puedes checar más de su trabajo en: www.myspace.com/musiclast
Disfruta! y si te gusta recomiéndalo!! 
I need more time - Last
By the sea - Last

Wanna watch more vids? Click here > MrZambra

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  1. So in love with your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine!! Stay tuned for my revival!

    Caumera Juanese

  2. loving your blog! i will definitely have to check these guys out - i lovvvve finding new bands :) thank you for your sweet comment!! hope you'll visit me again soon ;) loving your blog i'm looking forward to future posts !

  3. this guy is AWESOME!


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